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The Lenox Heights

Neighborhood of Friends


Interact on our

Nextdoor page.

The Lenox Heights Association:


Jackie Wheelock


Vice President:

Sandra Pucci



David Jasenski



Jim Wheelock


Board Members:

Margaret Brown

Deloris Gaddis

Yolanda Johnson

Don Reichle



Welcome to the Lenox Heights website. Here you'll find information regarding the Association, meetings, and events, other neighborhood news, information and links to local government, lists and links (where available) to our local businesses, membership information, and information about crime and Block Watch. While Nextdoor has been a good tool for people to interact on, it's weak on being able to organize events, various lists and links, and important news. Nextdoor will continue as a social media tool. But all information regarding the association, meetings, minutes, and events will be better organized here. We'll send updates to Nextdoor when the site is updated with news.

The News page will contain all information regarding the board meetings, the minutes, projects being explored, and any other news pertinent to the neighborhood.

The Association page will contain information about the board and it's members, the Treasurer's reports, the newsletters, and information on becoming a member.

The Events page will contain dates and information about events that are scheduled for both Lenox Heights, and Enderis Park. If nearby neighborhood also have events that are shared with us, those will be posted as well.

The Local Government page will contain information, links, and contact information to various local government agencies.

The Local Businesses page will list our local businesses, as well as those who have supported the Lenox Heights Association through their donations and support.

The Block Watch page will contain information about our Block Watch program, a list of the current Block Watch captains, crime information (though Nextdoor will be better at posting Urgent and current crime information), and meetings regarding crime and safety.

The Blog page is a page that will promote discussion about various neighborhood, association, crime, and other topics. Some lighthearted, some, such as crime, more serious. While the association will author the topics, everyone is encouraged to submit issues they'd like to see discussed.

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