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The Lenox Heights

Neighborhood of Friends


Local Government


Mayor: Tom Barrett


Alderman Mike Murphy (District 10):

Edwin , Mike's assistant:

(414) 286-2221

Department of Neighborhood Services:


The website gives you a lot of information about permits, complaints, inspection, etc.

District 7 Police Department: (414) 935-7272

District 7 Police Liaison: Officer Daniel Pierce: 935-7314

ProActive Policing Team:



Milwaukee Public Works Department:

The above website is for reporting any number of issues from loose animals, to building violations, and to garbage issues. You can also call: (414) 286-CITY (2489)

School District: 2

Wendell J. Harris, Sr.

(414) 475-8284 (Office of Board Governance)

State Government:

Governor: Scott Walker


Senate District 6

LaTonya Johnson:

(608) 266-2500

Assembly District 17

David C. Crowley:

(608) 266-5580

The area is split in some sections. Use this site to find you legislators if different from above:


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