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The Lenox Heights

Neighborhood of Friends


Neighbor Spotlight: Millie Stadler

Millie Stadler, 93, has lived in Lenox Heights 63 years!
She grew up in Hebron, WI and walked 9 miles to go to High School where,
being a sports fanatic, she played hockey.
These days she loves gardening, baseball, her home, her neighbors, and the neighborhood.
Happily married nearly 50 years, she raised three wonderful daughters.
Thank you, for being a wonderful neighbor.

Lot Park


As has been discussed, we obtained the lot at 6642 W Lisbon. There had been an old, unused building there. After a meeting with the Mayor, Lenox Heights had the building razed. We then obtained a "Garden Permit." In short, the garden permit allows us to use the lot at our discretion as long as nothing is permanent. We can plant gardens, bushes, and trees. We can use the lot for a variety of events. We can 'not' do any hardscaping. So, no poured walkways, cemented fences, walls, or anything that can't be removed easily should we turn the lot back over to the city. There are some 'gray areas.' We can use pound in fence post holders, we can place benches in areas, we can build raised garden beds, and we can use mulch for walkways. The caveat to all of this . . . we are wholly responsible for upkeep. That is, watering, mowing, weeding, and cleaning. And that's after we do all the planting and softscaping. Our plan is to hold an event there once a month. Here are some ideas:

• Neighborhood Rummage Sale

• Plant Sale

• Craft Fair

• Hobby Classes

• Neighborhood Block Party

• Movie night for the kids

• Farmer's Market

• Pot Luck Get Together

• Pumpkin Carving Contest

• Snowman contest

We're open to ideas! The next step is to ready the lot for planting. So, we'll need to roto-till, rake, install the beds, plant, and water. We'll announce on Nextdoor when we need those volunteers that volunteered to help.

Neighborhood Signs

I'm sure you've noticed that many of our neighborhood signs are showing their own signs of life. Cracking and color fading are starting to make them look unappealing. David Jasenski and Margaret Brown are working with the city, and sign makers, to have them replaced. They are in the initial quote phase, and finding out what the city can/will do for us. With some effort and luck, we'll have new signs throughout the neighborhood before the end of the year. We'll also have some for people to purchase and hang in their yard. All details will be made available as the information comes in.

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