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Nextdoor has proven itself to be a valuable tool. But, as it is with all social media, it has its good and bad. Unfortunately, the bad eventually outweighed the good. I don't think I need explain. Over time, between what I've seen on Nextdoor and found out in conversations with neighbors, many people have left due to the negative atmosphere. That's a real shame as the ability to communicate both to a large section of Lenox Heights, and the ability to do that quickly, was its strongest feature. With so many people not logging on anymore information about the Association and events wasn't being seen. The newsletter is only published 4 times a year, and that too is often not read. But, to me, communication and dialog is important. So, while this could be a simple website with all the information people need, I still wanted a manner in which people could communicate, share ideas, and have their voices heard. Hence, this blog. Now, people can't freely post as they can on Nextdoor. But, you can comment on whatever is posted here. The posts will be similar to what I've posted on Nextdoor. Topics that fall outside the normal neighborhood news . . . and those neighborhood issues that require more discussion. Of course, I welcome both comments, and input! What do you want to talk about? Let me know. I want to make this such that you want to visit the site and read the News, Events, and this Blog.

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